2021 Benchtop NMR Comparisons

Make sure to choose the right one for your lab.

What to expect from this benchtop NMR  comparisons guide:

A list of the currently available benchtop NMR spectrometer models from the major benchtop NMR manufacturers.

Direct comparisons of key performance specifications between selected benchtop NMRs: Magnetic field strength, resolution, lineshape, and sensitivity.

General information on cost, magnet design, magnet material, form factor, and NMR tube and sampling options.

Magnet Strength




Magnet Design


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We want as many as possible to experince the incredible power of NMR spectroscopy.  That’s why we are developing a benchtop NMR.  Grab this guide that compares our benchtop with others from Bruker, Magritek, Nanalysis, Oxford Instruments, and ThermoFisher.

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