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AS-2 Air Supply

Eliminate spinning problems with the AS-2 air supply.  It reduces humidity to a bone dry -10 °C dew point. That means reduced probe cleaning, and consistent spinning between cleanings.

Upgrading to the AS-2 may also improve your NMR spectra.  Due to excessive vibration, some older air sources introduced artifacts (a peak in the spectra not from the sample).  The AS-2 employs vibration free technology — so no spectral artifacts.

Locate the electronic control pad near your computer and say goodbye to the mechanical controls for house air inside the magnet lid.  Control everything from one location.

How exactly does air quality effect spinning?  We wrote an article to answer just that question.

Anasazi Instruments 60 MHz NMR spectrometers near desk with computer equipment

AS-2 Air Supply Benefits

More reliable spinning.  Quiet.  Better spectra.

Clean & Dry Air

Clean dry air prevents oxidation on stator.

Vibration Free

No spectral artifacts from vibration


8″x9″x10″ for air supply, compact electronic control pad


Check Out the article: Ensure Reliable NMR Sample Spinning with Dry and Clean Air.

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