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New Upgrade Options for the Eft-60 and Eft-90

EM360 NMR Refresh Program

The EM-360 NMR Refresh Program ensures continued enjoyment of your instrument for two more decades -or longer- by implementing new technologies that will provide performance rivaling that of a brand new system.  It’s almost like a “reset button” for the EM-360.  Continue reading for a breakdown of the program perks.

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EM360 and EM390 FT-NMR Upgrades

Believe it or not, there are still old CW-NMR magnets in existence and we still upgrade them. Both the EM360 (variations include EM360L, EM360A, and Anaspect magnets) and the EM390 are excellent quality magnets with a long life.

We still provide FT-NMR spectrometer upgrades to these magnets and the resulting spectrometer is still orders of magnitude better than any benchtop NMR solution. Better resolution, better sensitivity in an environmentally friendly solution because it won’t end up in a landfill. If you still have one of these magnets and you are curious about the quality of the results, give us a call and we’ll come to perform a no-risk demonstration to prove what we say.

Anasazi Instruments FT NMR spectrometer with EM-360 magnet near computer desk and equipment

SC-1 Robotic Sample Changer

The SC-1 robotic sample changer is a collaborative robot which safely operates without the need to shield personnel working around the NMR. If a user bumps any part of the robot, it stops. The robot can be re-started with a software command from the operating software.

The sample racks are a 4×6 array with 24 positions and the instrument can be configured for up to 3 x 24 or 72 total samples. Any sample can have several measurements, 1 H, 13C, or 2D measurements with a pre-defined signal to noise ratio for a completely automated measurement solution. Data is available via email or via a web server interface for analysis.

The SC-1 is available to any customer who currently has an Aii-60 or Aii-90 magnet. It is a field upgrade with on-site installation included in the upgrade price. Installation of the SC-1 does not preclude manual operation, the AS-1 can be parked so that it is out of the way and samples can be run manually.

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Anasazi Instruments Aii robotic sample changer Eft 60

USB NMR Upgrade

For many years, the communication interface between the PC and spectrometer of the Eft was based on two PCI cards. Newer computers are no longer compatible with these PCI cards, so in order to replace customers’ current computer, it is required to upgrade the spectrometer interface to USB.

The USB upgrade for the Eft spectrometer allows it to be used with virtually any currently available Windows PC. Anasazi Instruments offers a mini-tower computer for an additional cost or the customers can opt to provide their own PC with local support. The PC can be desktop, laptop, or all-in-one, so long as it has a USB (2.0 or 3.0) port.

The USB upgrade is not a field upgrade, the spectrometer must be returned to the factory for the retrofit. The upgrade takes about 1-2 weeks, sometimes a bit longer. If the customer is providing their own PC, we can configure the PC at the factory at no charge, but it must be shipped with the spectrometer. A customer PC can be configured using remote support, but there is an extra charge for this service.

Anasazi Instruments USB Upgrade for NMR spectrometers

AS-1 Air Source

The new AS-1 air source is designed to eliminate spinning problems in a smaller, quieter package, which is electronically controlled. The key to the newly designed pump is the balanced design of the pump with the airflow demand of the spinner along with an integrated membrane dryer which dries the spinner air to a dew-point of -10 °C. Drier air means more reliable spinning.

Another benefit of the balanced design of the brushless DC motor is that there are no vibrations. The older pumps were known to introduce artifacts into the spectra because of vibration. The pump box is small, occupying a space of 8” x 9” and 10” high. It can be positioned up to 15 feet away from the magnet and say goodbye to the mechanical controls inside the magnet lid.

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Anasazi Instruments AII air source Model AS-1 S/N 109