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How much does a nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) machine cost?

NMR spectrometer prices start at $35,000 for a refurbished 60 MHz low-field NMR from Anasazi Instruments.  The most expensive NMR price we have seen was $17.8 million for the Bruker Ascend 1.2 GHz NMR.

Anasazi Instruments 90 MHz and 60 MHz NMR spectrometers near desk with computer equipment

How much does a NMR cost?

Lower field and benchtop NMR prices start at about $35,000 and increase to about $150,000.  300 MHz NMR prices start around $150,000.  Generally speaking, as the strength of the magnetic field increases so does the price.

The following two main variables determine NMR system cost. 

  • Field strength (Frequency) is the most significant variable to consider when determining the cost of new instruments.
  • Probe capabilities also impact cost; but are a less significant factor in the overall cost of the instruments (however note one exception below).

How much do high resolution superconducting NMR instruments cost?

As we mentioned, superconducting NMR instruments start around $150,000 for field strength above 200MHz and increase to up to $5,000,000 for the more powerful instruments like 900 MHz.  Some options can dramatically increase the price.  For example, wide bore NMR spectrometer prices can be double that of narrow bore.  In many cases the cost is justified though, because the most expensive superconducting instruments have a significant technical advantage in field strength and field homogeneity.

How much does an Eft-NMR cost?

A new 60MHz NMR with 1H/13C/19F capabilities costs $80,000; its 90MHz NMR counterpart will be in the $130,000 range.  Optional add-ons and configurations are available. 

Anasazi Instruments offers a wide range of programs to assist with your budget restrictions.  There are financing options, lease opportunities and rental options, and customizable purchasing plans – as well as a frequent inventory of refurbished instruments.

How much does a benchtop NMR cost?

Benchtop or tabletop NMR prices go from $40,000 to $150,000.  With benchtop instruments, there can be another variable in pricing.  Some manufacturers of benchtops will market their higher performing (homogeneity / lineshape) magnets at a higher cost.

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