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1. How to choose an NMR spectrometer?

I work with some specific samples. Do I need a 90 MHz or a 60 MHz spectrometer?

The best way to find out is to try out your samples with both of our instruments. You can send in the samples for us to run the experiments. Then, based on the results, you can decide which of these is the right fit for your application. In general, a 90 MHz spectrometer is better than benchtop NMR, as it’s more powerful and gives you incredible spectra at unbelievable speeds.

Some samples and applications will require higher field instrumentation. Our team will be happy to evaluate your samples and make a proper recommendation for your needs…even if it isn’t an Eft.

2. How fast can my university class samples be run on an NMR?

Neat samples can be run in a single scan on an Eft-60 or Eft-90. It can easily expected to run both H1 and C13 in one-minute with neat liquids. With more dilute samples, time to acquire C13 takes far longer. For example, 500mM concentrations can be estimated at fifteen to sixty minutes (90Mhz/60MHz).

3. How does Anasazi’s software help teach students about NMR?

Our software is structured with education as the primary objective. Students have full control of the spectrometer parameters in the software to see the effect on acquisition. Since the acquisitions are fast, they get to try multiple things in a short amount of time. In addition, the same can be said for processing the FID. This can be manual (for the experience) or automated (for throughput).

4. What support does Anasazi offer for NMR diagnosis, repair, and/or training?

There are several ways you could reach out to us:

  1. Call 866-494-9369 or email us help@aiinmr.com with any specifics.
  2. Remote Assistance: This service allows faster diagnosis. Our Technical Support Staff can remotely login to your NMR spectrometer to understand the situation better. As one can expect, the NMR computer needs to be connected to the internet.
  3. On-site Training: Our Anasazi experts can visit your facility for diagnosis, troubleshooting, repair, or to train your personnel on how to use the Instrument as well as software.
  4. Local Workshops: We conduct workshops a few times during the year. Check to see if there is one scheduled near you.
5. Do you offer remote login support services?

Yes! Remote Assistance is free with our standard warranty and support package.

6. What is needed for multinuclear NMR detection and teaching?

For users with our wideband probe, no swapping of probes is necessary. The software will guide you through the process for tuning to the desired frequency. If you are new to the use of these capabilities on your wideband probe or if you have questions, please call Technical Support at 866-494-9369.

7. Can we run NMR experiments overnight at our school?

Running multiple experiments on the same sample can be accommodated with a special program in our software. Running experiments with different samples would require the SC1 robotic sample changer. If you would like more information, please call 866-494-9369.

8. My warranty has expired. Can I buy an extended warranty?

Yes, you can buy an extended warranty. Please make sure you call us before the warranty expires. However, if the warranty has expired, the instrument will need to be evaluated (which can be done remotely).

9. Could we trade-in our Eft-60 MHz NMR for your Eft-90 MHz Instrument?

Yes. We routinely take Eft-60 MHz Instruments in trade for Eft-90 MHz Instruments.

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