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Eft-90 NMR Spectrometers

Since 1995, Anasazi Instruments has been providing high quality, rugged, easy-to-use 90 MHz NMR spectrometers and upgrades to academia, industry and government.

United States Government laboratories, large companies, top-tier universities and community colleges rely on the Eft-90 NMR Spectrometer.

The Eft-90 NMR spectrometer pushes the boundaries of multinuclear, cryogen free and permanent magnet NMR spectroscopy.  It is the highest resolution and highest sensitivity permanent magnet available on the market today.

The 2.1 Tesla field strength of the Eft-90 delivers twice the sensitivity and 50% better resolution than the Eft-60.  It also enables the Eft-90’s multinuclear NMR capability.

When equipped with the multinuclear probe, the Eft-90 can analyze more nuclei than any other multinuclear permanent magnet NMR system.  With one instrument you can analyze molecules containing any of the following nuclei:  1H, 7Li, 15N (enriched), 27Al, 13C, 19F, 23Na, 29Si,  31P, 59Co, Sn199, and more.

The Eft-90 engineering and build quality meets the same exacting requirements as Anasazi’s Eft-60 — an instrument described as the “best engineered 60 MHz NMR for instruction and undergraduate chemistry students”.  Similarly, the Eft-90 benefits from a fixed low annual cost of ownership, durability, and longevity — especially compared to superconducting NMR systems whose annual costs increase year over year.  Many universities are still using our NMR systems after 20 years!

Eft-90 NMR Rental and Leasing

Ensure your lab’s NMR capability for as low at $3000 per month via an Eft-90 rental.  Or take advantage of a 5 year lease for around $2200 per month.  Call or email for more information.


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Anasazi Instruments 90 MHz NMR spectrometers near desk with computer equipment
Anasazi Instruments laboratory researcher opening hatch of mixing tank

Eft-90 NMR Specifications

The Eft-90 is our flagship instrument for hundreds of users all over the world. It is the highest resolution and highest sensitivity permanent magnet NMR instrument available on the market today.

Eft-90 Performance Specifications
Test Sample and Conditions Test Parameters Specification
Lineshape  1% TMS in CDCl3 50 %
1 %
0.55 %
50% < 0.5 Hz
1 % < 3 Hz
0.55 % < 10 Hz
Sensitivity 0.1% Ethylbenzene in CDCl3
13C Sensitivity 98% n-propylbenzoate + 2% TMS, 12 scans, 1 min total acquisition time and 1 Hz exponential line broadening
160:1 on aromatic 2,6 carbon peak at 129.1 ppm
19F Sensitivity 10% CFCl+ 1% DCDFE
31P Sensitivity 25% Trimethylphosphate
Eft-90 Physical Specifications
Total Instrument footprint < 60 ft2 max
(H x W x D) inches
Table Spectrometer and PC 33.5 x 30 x 50
2.1 T Magnet 40 x 44.5 x 33.5
Weight (lbs) 2.1 T Magnet 2018 lbs 918 kg Spectrometer 70 lbs
Electrical Spectrometer 90-120 VAC @ 1 Amps
Computer 90-120 VAC @ 2 Amps
Magnet Heater 90-120 VAC @ 0.25 Amps
Compressed Air Spin/Eject
Climatic Environment 60 to 80 °F ± 3.6 °F
Stray Field 5 G field within enclosure

Configurations & Experiments

The Eft-90 is available in 3 configurations depending on the range of nuclei you wish to study.  All configurations are cryogen-free.

Anasazi offers delivery, installation  and on-site training.  These costs are variable and are not included in the prices below.  Please contact us for a quote.  

The following is a list of capabilities of the Eft instruments.


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