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Aii Quiet Dry vs. AS-1 Air Supply

The Aii Quiet Dry and the AS-1 Air Supply provide high quality air to spin your NMR sample.  Many of our users without access to a good house air system have benefited greatly from these independent, local air sources.  This brief article will show the similarities and differences between the two.


Aii Quiet Dry

AS-1 Air Supply

Pump Style Electric diaphragm pump Electric diaphragm pump
Power Requirements Standard Standard
Operation Volume 56 dB (normal conversation) 41 dB
Unit Size 1.3 ft3 0.4 ft3
Sample Control Manual valve control at magnet Electronic control pad
Filtration Method Replaceable paper filter Replaceable Filter
Air Quality Clean Clean and dry
Unit Price (USD) $2500 new, $1500 refurbished $4950
 Maintenance Requiered Air filter replacement Air filter replacement

Aii Quiet Dry chassis displaying the internal pump.  

The AS-1 Air Source chassis next to its electronic control pad displaying the sample Inject and Eject buttons as well as the spin speed regulator.

Further Information

Click here to learn about the benefits of clean, dry air. 

Any user currently on house air who wants to switch to a local air supply will take comfort in the fact that the upgrade process to either air source is quick and easy. 

Please contact us at 866-494-9369 for more detailed information about the upgrade process.