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EM-360 NMR Spectrometer Refresh Program

Our Refresh Program ensures that you enjoy continued instrument use for two more decades—or longer—by implementing new technologies that will provide performance rivaling that of a brand new system.  It’s almost like a “reset button” for the EM-360.  Below is a breakdown of the program and an explanation of its perks:



What We Take

What You Get

Used EM-360 Magnet

Refurbished magnet checked out to new specifications (FWHM ≤ 0.25 Hz), includes:

  • improved thermal insulation, yielding consistent chemical shifts and sharp peaks
  • Anasazi developed magnet temperature controller
  • Improved thermal control (+/- 0.01 degrees F)
  • new internal air lines and independent, local air source, eliminating the use of valves and providing reliable sample control
  • new probe with ideal spin capability
  • new color scheme (see picture below)

Spectrometer and DPPA

New spectrometer complete with the following:

  • USB interface
  • modern power supply
  • new graphic panels
  • new, more power-efficient dual power preamplifier (DPPA)

All the above components configured, optimized, and tested for functionality

Old data station and monitor

Brand new data station running Windows 10, which includes:

  • Newest version of PNMR with user-friendly  interface and touch screen capability
  • Newest version of NUTS complete with macros for automatic data processing (great for new instrument users)


Why should I consider this program?

This refresh program satisfies those users who wish to extend the life of their instrument, improve performance, and see great results for years to come.  The upgrade will afford users the following:

  • Optimal magnet performance
    • Refurbished magnets meet the same factory performance requirements as brand new units (FWHM ≤ 0.25 Hz) before going out the door
  • Improved system lifespan from new magnet temperature controller unit
    • New components aid in performance and longevity
  • Up-to-date spectrometer
    • USB Interface yields compatibility with new computers
    • Improved reliability due to new power supply technology
  • New DPPA
    • More power-efficient
  • Latest software features
    • PNMR
      • Touch-screen capabilities
      • Large library of pulse programs
      • Faster shimming
      • Easy-to-run maintenance programs (improved prep and suprep routines no longer require spin speed adjustments)
    • NUTS
      • Includes macros for automatic processing of many different data types and experiments, including 1H, 13C, DEPT, HETCOR, COSY, and more
        • Great for inexperienced users
  • Clean, dry air from AS-1 Air Supply
    • Keeps spin speeds up by slowing oxidation on important probe parts
  • Fresh, lively appearance
  • Extended warranty including one year of remote support

Additional Benefits

Once all the upgrade work is complete, an Anasazi engineer will personally deliver the new system to the user’s lab and train all instrument users. 

Also available is the option for a remote training session on a later date. 

Please call us at 866-494-9369 with further questions.